Note war erupts over driver's park at popular city beach

Passers-by left four notes on a bright yellow car parked badly at a busy beach event in Perth.

Not one, but four angry notes have been left on a driver's car for their “bad” park at a busy beach in Perth.

The handwritten notes were placed under the windshield wipers of a bright yellow Suzuki in a car park across the road from Cottesloe Beach.

The beach is hosting the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, making the parking situation busier than usual during the long weekend in Western Australia, and possibly inspiring the creative letters.

“Don’t park here again because my uncle is a state kickboxing champion and will give you a wedgie,” one hilarious note read on the The Bell Tower Times 2.0 Facebook page.

“Do you live here? No, thought so. Don’t park here you nerd,” another read on a different envelope.

A photo of the yellow Suzuki car with four notes at the front. A closeup photo of one of the notes.
A yellow Suzuki car parked opposite Cottesloe Beach during the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Perth, had several notes placed on it. Source: Facebook/ The Bell Tower Times 2.0

“Can you read? Risidence only. Move your vehicle. Ta,” a third read on a piece of paper. “You’ve parked pretty badly,” the last one, scribbled on a torn piece of paper, said plainly.

Notes made fun of by Perth residents

Locals found the letters highly entertaining, joking around in the comments section of the post, as well as sharing their thoughts on the driver's park.

“The amount of people in Perth who are state kickboxing champs is truly astonishing,” one person said.

A photo of two of the notes placed into the wiper blades of the car.
The notes handwritten on envelopes and pieces of paper were tucked into the wiper blades of the Suzuki. Source: Facebook/ The Bell Tower Times 2.0

“Risidence? Sounds like we can narrow it down to Cottesloe's thriving Kiwi community,” a second also joked, making fun of the spelling error. “I actually parked just in front of them. They did do a pretty bad job,” a third person said.

On their website, Sculpture by the Sea organisers acknowledged the lack of beach parking on “busy weekends”, instead offering a free shuttle service between Cottesloe train station and Cottesloe beachfront between 10.30am to 6.00pm. If you drive, they suggest parking at the Cottesloe Station and catching the shuttle to and from the beach.

The exhibition is on until March 20. Sydney's Sculpture by the Sea exhibition at Bondi Beach will be held from October 20 to November 6.

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