Aussie driver slapped with $287 fine for 30cm parking mistake

While it was a hefty fine for what he thought was a minor offence, the man did not find many supporters online.

A man who posted online about his wife's "crazy" parking fine has been shocked by the largely unsympathetic response.

The Brisbane resident shared a photo of the 30cm obstruction their car caused to a neighbour's driveway, which cost them a whopping $287 fine.

"$287 for 30cm... One of the largest possible (parking and traffic) fines in BCC (Brisbane City Council)..." he said yesterday on Reddit.

A photo of a white car in a suburb of Brisbane, that was obstructing a person's driveway by 30cm.
A Brisbane resident has complained after his wife received a $287 parking fine for obstructing their neighbour’s driveway. Source: Reddit/DatabassAdmin

He claims the park was a "silly mistake" by his wife and that it's the "first fine she's ever got in 20+ years of driving".

Despite owning up and saying they'll "cop it," the man didn't think the fine was justified due to the "minimal impact it may have had on someone".

"I genuinely don't think anyone was inconvenienced in the slightest by this," he said on the post. They (the neighbours) use the rest of their double driveway to exit their property."

He also said that the fine amount in Brisbane City Council was "on par with parking in an ambulance only bay and twice as much as parking in a no parking spot," which "seems way worse".

Social media users react to parking fine

Since being uploaded yesterday, the post has attracted more than 130 comments, including some very strong opinions.

A few empathised with the couple, saying the fine was a "bummer" as well as complaining about the parking situation in Brisbane.

However the majority were not so forgiving, stressing that "there’s a reason parking rules are in place".

"I have people that park this way across my driveway regularly," one person said on Reddit. "It makes it harder to get in and out, and reduces my visibility to 0 when pulling out. It's a d**k move."

"As cars also park on the other side of the road, it can make it a 2-point turn in order to simply turn right out of one's driveway," another said.

"Coming from someone that lives in a parking permit area of Brisbane — be better and conscious of other residents," a third person said. "My driveway from my apartment building is hella steep and comes out onto a very narrow slip road… the driveways have been all yellow lined on the road and people still have the audacity to park over them. Which makes it absolutely impossible to turn out… so yes I call council on these cars to come move them along because a note on the window doesn’t do anything."

Someone else also warned the couple of the risks to their own car.

"I wouldn't park like that because I would be worried that whoever uses the driveway might hit my car," they said.

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