Resident abused for driving out of her own driveway: 'RUDE C**T'

A Sunshine Coast resident has received a vulgar note labelling her a ‘rude c**t’ simply for driving out of her own driveway.

Raina O’Brien lives on Toolga Street in Coolum Beach and says she is fed up with cars speeding around a blind corner close to her home.

“We almost get cleaned up on a daily basis,” she told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

She claims she has been yelled at or given the finger while attempting to reverse in or out of her driveway and was also the target of a scathing note left on her car on Wednesday.

The letter called her a “rude c**t” and said reversing from her driveway was not only illegal, but “also quite dangerous” when so close to a corner.

Raina O'Brien of Toolga St in Coolum Beach stands on her driveway.
Raina O'Brien found a note on her car abusing her for reversing out of her driveway. Source: Sunshine Coast Daily

Ms O’Brien told the publication that reversing into her driveway poses the same problems and exposes the driver’s side to the blind bend.

“It’s just as dangerous as backing out,” she said. “No matter what way we do it, we’re nearly getting hit by cars or abused, or getting really nasty letters.”

She said her view is so obstructed that she is forced to wind her window down to listen for oncoming cars to avoid near misses.

When Ms O’Brien approached Sunshine Coast Council to request a safety mirror be installed, she was told they were no longer available.

Speed bumps and lowering the speed limit were also not an option because the street is part of a bus route, she told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

A Sunshine Coast Council spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they had assessed the situation and found it inappropriate to install mirrors or lower speed limits due to Toolga Street being a collector road.

Sunshine Coast Council's full statement:

"Convex mirrors are only considered appropriate in areas where the volume and speed of traffic is very low. For example, they are used in underground car parks, warehouse facilities and narrow access lanes. This allows drivers to confidently and accurately perceive the proximity and speed of oncoming vehicles.

"Traffic mirrors installed outside of these situations can pose a hazard to motorists and increase the risk of a traffic accident. This is because the convex mirrors provide a warped perception of oncoming vehicle speeds and can increase the difficulty in identifying motor bike riders and cyclists. The mirrors can also have a detrimental impact to the driver’s vision by reflecting glare from the sun and headlights.

"Council has completed a speed limit review of Toolga Street, Coolum which determined the appropriate speed limit to be 60km/h.

"Traffic calming is not appropriate at this location as Toolga Street is a Trunk Collector Road. These roads are intended to keep drivers moving between local and arterial roads by carrying traffic greater distances and at greater speeds, compared to local access streets where traffic calming is appropriate.

"Council advises drivers to always exercise caution whenever entering the road from private property or a driveway on any given street. Motorists must give way to all pedestrians, bicycles and personal mobility riders on the footpath or road.

"They must also give way to all vehicles on the road they are entering. If reversing from a specific driveway is known to be hazardous, residents should utilise the available shoulder on Toolga Street to either park or ensure they can drive forward when entering the road."

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