Bizarre speed limit sign baffles drivers and local council: 'Very confusing'

A bemusing speed sign in Noosa left motorists questioning what speed they were meant to be doing and how it came to be even has the local council stumped.

A picture of the speed sign, or rather the two-speed signs, was shared on Facebook, but it wasn't the standard road sign one would see driving in Queensland.

One sign indicated it was 60km/h along David Low Way near Orealla Crescent at Sunshine Beach in Noosa, but a sign right next to it said the speed limit was 70km/h.

Underneath the speed signs it says "drive safely".

The person who shared the photos of the conflicting speed sign on Facebook was curious to see what the council had to say about the sign.

Pictured is the speed sign on David Low Way in Noosa - where one indicates the speed in 60km/h, and the other says 70km/h
The conflicting speed sign on David Low Way confused Noosa motorists. Source: Facebook

"Very confusing road sign showing 60 and 70," they wrote, saying they would be grateful if the council could clarify.

In the comments of the post, a few people joked that the driver could choose what speed to do, while another person said they believe the sign had been there for about a week.

A few people provided their interpretations of the conflicting signs, which only added to the confusion.

"The way I read it is you’re coming out of a 60 zone and into a 70 zone," one person said, to which someone asked why a driver would need to be advised on what speed they are "coming out of".

Council at a loss to explain confusing sign

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, Larry Sengstock, Noosa Council’s Infrastructure Services Director, said it's unclear who put the sign there.

The actual speed limit on David Low Way is 60km/h, as seen in this 2021 image. Source: Google Maps
The actual speed limit on David Low Way is 60km/h, as seen in this 2021 image. Source: Google Maps

"At this stage, it’s unclear who installed this particular temporary signage, or why it displayed two conflicting speed limits, but Council is looking into the matter," he said.

"Numerous entities carry out work within our public road reserves and at times install temporary signs."

Staff from Noosa Shire Council have gone to the site of the signs and Mr Sengstock confirmed they are no longer there.

He also confirmed the gazetted speed for this stretch of David Low Way is 60km/h.

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