Iconic Bondi restaurant owner hits back over $68 pasta criticism

The legendary restauranteur Maurice Terzini defended the pricey pasta. What do you think?

Bondi Icebergs boasts arguably one of the most drool-worthy views in the country, but the impressive venue has been called out over its exceptionally pricey pasta as Aussies battle with the rising cost of living.

A self-proclaimed "foodie" took to TikTok to express her shock at the $68 price tag attached to the restaurant's two pasta dishes, asking "is it worth it?".

Pictures of Bondi Icebergs inside and outside.
The restaurant is situated south of Bondi Beach and boasts impressive views. Source: Instagram/Bondi Icebergs

The menu combines the Italian cuisine with the "best produce" from Australia and offers a quail ragù pasta and a seafood pasta, with both meals complemented by the impressive backdrop of the world famous Bondi Beach.

The woman, who goes by Special K Gourmet on social media, said she "gets the cost of living", staff and rent are all contributing factors to increasing food prices, but questioned whether others would pay this much to eat at the venue.

'Tell 'em they're dreaming'

The video has racked up thousands of views with people in the comments sharing their opinion on the restaurants prices.

"I’ve worked in some very premium restaurants in Australia that have world renown chefs and impeccable views and never seen prices like that," one shared.

"It’s totally worth it . . . if there’s DIAMONDS hidden in the bowl," another joked. "$68 tell 'em they're dreaming," one person responded.

However, some shared that due to the location of the restaurant, meals are charged at such high prices "because they can", referring to the venue simply making the most of the spectacular view and peoples eagerness to see it.

"It’s how they keep the clientele they’re after," one woman suggested.

Bondi Icebergs: 'Not much to say' about pasta prices

The legendary restaurateur behind the venue defended its meal prices and suggested those who complain should to consider the myriad costs of running a restaurant.

"Well if you put your thinking caps on you could probably work it out," Maurice Terzini said to Yahoo News Australia when asked to respond to the attention.

Mr Terzini explained the location was "prime real estate" and explained that maintenance required due to salt corrosion from the ocean bumped up the price of each customer's meal.

"Like most restaurants on the ocean around the world, the view comes at a price," he said.

Mr Terzini's restaurant empire spans Melbourne, Sydney and Byron Bay and boasts some of the most high-profile eateries in the country.

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