Pregnant woman blasted for using disabled parking space: 'ENTITLED'

The woman's explanation for parking in the disabled spot had her labelled 'entitled'.

A pregnant woman's explanation for parking in a disabled spot has been criticised, after saying she wanted to fight the fine.

The woman, who is 28 weeks' pregnant, copped a $587 fine at a Sydney shopping centre car park because no 'parents and prams' spots were on the Coles level and she instead elected to park in a disabled pace without a permit.

A photo of cars parked in disabled parking spots in the Eastgate Shopping Centre car park. Another photo of a disabled parking only sign,
A pregnant Sydney woman has been blasted for parking in a disabled spot (not pictured here) in the Eastgate Shopping Centre car park. Source: Michael Dahlstrom

"I needed to go one morning... not feeling well... without much time to buy some groceries and I couldn’t find any pregnant parking (on level 3),' she said on the Eastern Suburbs Mums Facebook group.

"I thought I was allowed to park at the disability ones (I hope they don’t expect a pregnant woman to be carrying her groceries to the end of the parking lot).

"I applied to explain the situation thinking they would understand but they got back to me saying they still need to fine me."

A photo of six parents with prams spots on level five of Eastgate shopping centre in Bondi Junction. Another photo of the carpark.
The woman parked in a disabled parking spot at Eastgate because there were no 'parents with prams' spots available on level three where Coles is located. Source: Michael Dahlstrom

Eastgate shopping centre car park has a total of eight 'parents with prams' spots located on level four and five, according to Waverley Council, who co-owns it.

'Zero excuses' for Sydney woman's parking act at Eastgate

The woman asked the mums in the Facebook group if the fine was was "worth going to court" for. "It is something like $600 which for me is a lot of money considering all they things we're are buying for the newborn," she said. However the response may not have been what she was hoping for.

"Being pregnant doesn’t make you disabled," one person commented.

"Absolutely no point taking it to court," another said. "To park in a disabled parking spot you need a disability permit."

"I actually can’t believe you’re asking this. It’s so entitled," third person said.

"Disabled people need those spots for sooo many reasons. And if you haven’t noticed, they are often full!!" another said.

Two photos of two women in Bondi Junction, Sydney, being interviewed by Yahoo News Australia.
Several women spoke to Yahoo News Australia in Bondi Junction, Sydney about whether a pregnant woman should be allowed to park in a disabled spot. Source: Michael Dahlstrom

Yahoo News Australia also spoke to local eastern suburbs shoppers, and surprisingly the majority actually thought the woman should be allowed to park in the disabled parking spot.

"(Pregnancy) makes you very uncomfortable, so I think so," one person said.

If someone is experiencing pregnancy complications, they can request a temporary parking permit at the digression of their doctor.

According to NRMA, 'parents with prams' spots are provided by the owners of a property. While car parking management can tell someone to exit a 'parents with prams' spot, it's not enforceable by NSW law.

with Michael Dahlstrom

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