Disabled parking act outside Coles faces huge backlash: 'Disgusting'

A disgruntled shopper at a Melbourne shopping centre has faced the wrath of social media users after they plastered an abusive message across the windscreen of a car taking up a disabled parking bay.

The message, written with what appears to be a pink marker, reads: "WHERE IS YOUR BADGE C***."

Two Coles shopping trolleys are also placed next to the Suzuki, which is parked at Keilor Central shopping centre.

A photo of the vehicle was shared to a Facebook group that aims to shame bad driving and parking in the city.

However hundreds in the group jumped to the defence of the driver and condemned the actions of the person responsible for the message.

"Disgusting and aggressive. Such a shame this is the new norm," one person said.

A grey Suzuki in a disabled parking bay with an abusive message in pink on the windscreen. . Source: Kyle Lemon/ Facebook
This vehicle's windscreen was defaced with an abusive message after taking up a disabled parking bay. Source: Kyle Lemon/ Facebook

"Very immature," another said.

Many gave the motorist the benefit of the doubt, suggesting they may have simply forgot to put their disabled parking badge in their window.

"There are so many things we have to do before we get out of the car sometimes you just forget," another user wrote.

Others called the message an act of vandalism and called for the perpetrator to face criminal charges.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Victoria Police regarding the incident.

Fines for parking illegally in an disabled parking bay

The incident also triggered discussion on people wrongly discriminating against disabled people whose disability is not necessarily visible.

"And if they have a permit and don't "look" disabled, mind your own business! Abusing people based on your perception of disabled is a s*** thing to do," one person said.

Last year, a Sydney man with an artificial leg went viral after he detailed how he was approached by a woman in a McDonald's car park and questioned over whether he warranted a disability parking permit.

Drivers caught parked in a disabled parking bay without a valid disability parking permit in Victoria will face an infringement notice of $182.

Last year People with Disability Australia CEO Sebastian Zagarella told Yahoo News Australia it was important for Australians to respect disabled parking bays and the area around them to ensure they're fully accessible.

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