Subtle beach parking rule lands dad $120 fine: 'Absolutely insane'

A Sydney dad has questioned a fine he received after reverse parking at busy Manly beachfront, with dozens more slamming the decision by council to enforce an "insane" parking rule.

The man was visiting the popular surf beach with his baby and pet dog on Tuesday, but when he returned to his vehicle on North Steyne he noticed a $120 infringement notice.

The frustrated dad implied he'd missed the sign instructing cars to park 'front to kerb' only because it was so small he explained on Facebook.

Sydney man reversed parked on North Steyne beach in Manly.
The Sydney dad reverse parked along North Steyne in Manly and thought it was safer for his family. Source: Facebook

"I have circled how tiny it says ‘front to kerb’ on the sign," he said, calling it a "joke".

"Has anyone tried to fight this fine before? Got a $120 fine for failing to obey instructions on sign," he added.

Parking rule more dangerous, residents claim

He explained why he decided to reverse park in the first place, deeming it safer for his family.

"I reversed into a parking spot along Manly beachfront as I had a baby, dog, pram etc.. seems more dangerous to try and get it all out so close to the road," he said.

Dozens more agreed the 'front to kerb' rule makes it dangerous for people attempting to pull things from their boot, and "it’s more dangerous reversing out into traffic", one person fumed

Parking sign on North Steyne Street at manly beach (left) Parking fine for $120 (right)
The man was issued a $120 fine for 'not obeying instructions' on the sign which reads 'front to kerb' parking only in small print. Source: Facebook

"Especially since you can’t usually see if anyone is coming because cars are so big these days," they added. "I would fight it. What a joke".

One said they'd "never seen this requirement" and thanked the poster for the warning.

"We regularly park rear to beachside at Manly for the same reasons as you — thankfully never been fined," wrote.

Suggested reason for parking rule

Others encouraged the man to fight the fine and agreed the sign is "ridiculously tiny". While criticised by many, others claimed there was a reason why cars must face the kerb.

"It’s a safety issue which has a real hazard for bikes and pedestrians who could possibly be injured with the rear boot opening or being opened," one explained. "The sign, unfortunately for you, is there for a reason."

"I live on North Steyne so I’m walking there every day. Many times people with twin cab utes have parked rear to kerb and have been literally hanging over the cycle/walk trail," another said. Vehicles with tow bars make it "more dangerous for those walking by, the Manly resident claimed.

"I do think the rule is there for a purpose," they concluded.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Northern Beaches Council for comment.

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