New twist after car covered in dog poo in parking feud: 'LYING'

A woman who had her car covered in dog poo for parking outside someone else's home has revealed the saga is not yet over, claiming she has since received "vile" messages from the woman allegedly responsible.

The drama started when Natalie Mayers, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach, legally parked her car on a residential street in Toowoomba, Queensland, and later found it smeared in poo and "steaming" with hot water when coming back from work.

Ms Mayers alleged that she saw a female homeowner pouring something over it on December 19 and began filming the confrontation, in which the woman confessed on camera.

A photo of the homeowner with a handmade no parking sign on her gate. Another photo of the woman's car that was smeared in poo and covered in hot water.
A woman living in Toowoomba, Queensland, was walking to her car after work when she saw it had been covered in poo and boiling water. Source: TikTok

“Hey, I just recorded you pouring boiling water over my paint job,” Ms Mayers said as the woman tries to deny it. “It’s still steaming!” she continues, panning to her car to show clumps of dog poo scattered along the roof and windscreen wipers.

The homeowner then reveals the reason she threw the dog poo and poured the boiling water was because of Ms Mayer’s choice of parking spot.

“Why did you park in front of my house when there's a sign here saying ‘please don’t’ and the street is empty?” the older woman asks. “You’ve been here over three hours. I’ve taken a photo of what time you got here and what time I’ve done this.”

A handwritten sign attached the woman’s front gate reads: “Please do not park outside our house while you go to work. Thank you.”

Ms Mayers later said she hadn’t seen the sign until she returned to her car – though the sign is not lawful.

According to the Toowoomba Chronicle, the damaged caused to her car is estimated to cost thousands to fix, including damage to the electronics of the car, car alarm, windscreen wiper and roof panel.

Victim claims she's being attacked online

Despite the bizarre incident, Ms Mayers said in an update video that she "chose to forgive" – that is until she allegedly received messages from the homeowner.

A photo of Natalie Mayers. A photo of the text she got from the woman.
In a new twist, the homeowner has started messaging the woman online about parking in front of her house in Toowoomba, Queensland. Source: TikTok

"In a weird update of events, this lady has also found me on my Facebook because I do go under my maiden name on Facebook, and has sent me some rather vile messages on there. So they will also be going to the police along with her contact details," Ms Mayers said in a TikTok posted on Tuesday.

She also detailed one of the inappropriate messages sent to her by the woman.

"I would like to know if Natalie Mayers and Natalie Mckraken are the same toxic, dog sh*t, lying person and she does, actually have a genuine reason for parking in east Toowoomba. Does True Rebel Heart [Ms Mayers' business] have an office here???? Doubtful, to say the least."

Ms Mayers told the Toowoomba Chronicle that the "stalk(ing) and harass(ing)" was "not okay" and that "enough is enough".

“You don't send vile messages … you just don’t do that," she said to the publication.

Queensland Police told Yahoo New Australia they were aware of the initial incident and were investigating.

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