Mum's 'scariest moment' of her life caught on home camera

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A mum has shared a video of the "scariest" moment of her life — when her young son wandered out of the front garden and onto the road.

Victoria, an American mum of three, shared the video on TikTok and it quickly amassed over 10 million views.

In the video, Victoria and her three children are seen out the front of their home and it appears she is trying to get the children inside.

While Victoria's back is turned, one of her children makes a beeline to the front gate and opens it with ease. The boy then starts running down the footpath.

Victoria and her two other children are oblivious to the child's getaway and the little boy then makes his way onto the road.

Pictured is mum Victoria with her back turned, while her son runs out the front gate and on to the road
The mum had her back turned for just a moment and one of her children ran out the front gate. Source: TikTok/ victoriaelizabeth444

Cars are seen flying past at the intersection just up the road from Victoria's home and it seems the child is determined to get there.

Victoria then gets the two other children inside the house and then realises her other son is nowhere to be found, she then runs out the door and spots him up the road.

The mum sprints after her child, dropping the bags in her hand at the gate as she sets off after him.

The other children race out the home as Victoria makes it to her son just as he reaches the busy intersection and she swoops him up into her arms.

"The scariest moment of my life. Grateful he is fine. Kids are so fast!" she wrote in the caption of the TikTok video.

The incident happened in October last year, a timestamp on the video shows.

Many people were quick to criticise Victoria in the comments, with some people saying they were not pleased with how long it took her to notice he was out of the yard.

However, many people rushed to Victoria's defence and noted all of this happened in less than a minute and most parents are guilty of taking their eyes off their children for just a few moments.

Victoria then runs after her child after she sees he has made his way to the main road. Source: TikTok/victoriaelizabeth444
Victoria then runs after her child after she sees he has made his way to the road. Source: TikTok/victoriaelizabeth444

Why mum shared the video

In a follow-up video, Victoria admitted she was hesitant to share the shocking footage, knowing she would be judged.

However, she shared the video to show just how quickly a tragedy could happen and she is fine with the negative comments.

"It wasn't my best moment. I know how lucky I am that he's ok and that has not been lost on me," she said in the caption of her second video.

"I love my babies more than anything in the world.

"If this helps another family by either preventing a tragedy or showing compassion to others then that's all that matters."

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