Employee slammed over message on deaf woman's receipt: 'Don't punish us'

A café worker in the US has been slammed for including an "unacceptable" message on an order receipt belonging to a customer who's legally deaf.

Ashley Vallejo, from Waco, Texas, recently ordered a coffee from the American chain Dutch Bros but said she felt "punished" after noticing what was written on her docket.

The woman detailed the ordeal on TikTok and explained she has vocal issues due to being deaf.

Deaf woman on TikTok sharing incident with Dutch Coffee receipt
People called out the Dutch Bros employee for leaving the rude remark on the receipt. Source: KWTX/TikTok

"I can talk a little bit, but my voice is not perfect. I wanted to go and try this place out for the first time," she said in a video, but admitted, "it was a little bit awkward".

She flashed the receipt she'd been given with her coffee, and underneath the large iced coffee order, it said: "Most difficult customer ever."

"Workers should have a lot of patience for people with disabilities. We are like you," Ms Vallejo explained.

"We try to order food and stuff like everyone else. Don't punish us. Please have a lot of patience with us. Because when I got the receipt, this… ouch."

The woman reminded her followers and hospitality workers watching "you have no idea what it’s like being deaf.

"Have patience," she said.

People erupt over 'unacceptable' message: 'Do better'

Ms Vallejo's experience outraged the masses with many online taking aim at the employee in question.

Despite telling the employee to 'do better,' the woman defended the worker by saying: "Please do not attack the employee".

"This is to spread awareness to educate employees and upgrade your training for DA awareness," she wrote on TikTok.

Her comments section was flooded with comments from TikTok users who offered words of support.

"I'm so sorry that happened to you. It's not okay, I hope they rectify and do better," one woman wrote.

"You are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. You are NOT a difficult customer to deal with. You are strong and beautiful," wrote another.

Some vowed to never go to Dutch Bros again, but others said it's not the company's fault, insisting blame should be put on the worker instead.

Dutch Brothers drive thru or walk up coffee stand, Moscow, Idaho. headquartered in Grants Pass Oregon and is the largest privately held drive-thru coffee company in the United States. (Photo by: Don and Melinda Crawford/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The company responded to the incident admitting it was unacceptable and they've since reached out to the customer. Source: Getty

Coffee company responds: 'Deeply disappointing'

Following the incident, Dutch Bros Coffee reportedly released a statement saying what Ms Vallejo experienced was "deeply disappointing" and "unacceptable."

"[It goes] against everything Dutch Bros stands for. We’ve addressed this incident internally and have reached out to the customer," the company said, according to local news KWTX.

“It’s our hope we can work with her and the deaf community to ensure we always provide an excellent experience, and meet the exceedingly high bar we’ve set for ourselves.”

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