Waitress fired after derogatory word printed on receipt

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A waitress has been fired from a restaurant in Texas after using a derogatory word on a customer's order.

The customer recently enjoyed some drinks with a friend at the Skybox Bar and Grill in Houston, but a quick glance over her receipt when leaving left her feeling "horrible".

In an interview with Fox26 News, the woman, who chose to remain anonymous, said she was looking at the price when leaving — which included a generous tip — when she noticed the word "d***" next to the "customer name".

While it wasn't said on air, the news reporter explained that the four-letter word is a "derogatory word used for lesbians". It was "out of line", the customer said.

The derogatory receipt and the restaurant's entrance.
The customer noticed the word after leaving the restaurant but returned to speak to a manager. Source: Fox 26 News

The customer and her friend went back inside the restaurant to speak to the floor manager, who they say appeared "tipsy", and were eventually offered "food and drink as compensation".

The customer claims she received a phone call from a manager four days later who said the server "didn't mean anything by it" and that she's "from New York" and "that's how they talk".

The offended diner claims the waitress has not been fired.

However, in a statement shared on their Facebook page on Thursday, the restaurant's management insists they've "taken full responsibility" and that the server "no longer works for SkyBoxHTown".

Skybox Bar and Grill claims to have "refunded the entire bill, including the tip" and the customer "seemed to accept the apology and left".

"She didn't apologise, she didn't see anything wrong with what she said," the customer said of the waitress.

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Manager called four days later The server didn't mean anything by it. Shes from NY and that's how they talk there.

But a quick over the receipt left the woman in shock when she noticed a XX word next to the "customer name".

Demanding to speak to the manager

where she enjoyed a few drinks with a friend

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