Instagram model freaks out over plane passenger's 'gross' act

A woman on a flight has turned to the internet for advice after allegedly feeling bare feet, which belonged to the lady behind her, brush against her head mid-flight.

New York-based model, Alison Bowles, claimed she was lying across the seats when the passenger's red-painted toes crept through the gap, sweeping across her head.

Alison, who has 247,000 Instagram followers, filmed the unexpected ordeal and shared it online where people were left horrified.

Model Alison Bowels is based in New York and has 247,000 followers on Instagram
The model claims a passenger sitting behind her put her bare feet on her head while she was laying down. Source: Instagram

In the clip, the New Yorker looks to be sitting upright in a row of seats that appear to be completely empty.

She pans around the plane before coming to a halt when she reaches her armrest where the passenger's brightly coloured toes are perched.

The video caption read: "I was laying down and felt this lady's feet on my head, what should I do?"

Admitting it was "gross," Alison tagged the Instagram account Passenger Shaming who later shared it on their own page.

Social media horrified by 'disrespectful' act

People were shocked and disgusted at the act, slamming it as "disrespectful" and "rude".

"You absolutely have the right to tell ANYONE that they cannot have their bare feet in your personal space," one commenter blasted.

"Can you flip up the armrest?" another suggested. "Then she can’t have her feet there, that’s so disrespectful".

Others offered some words of advice on how best to deal with the situation.

"Put your elbow right there & push them off," one person advised.

"Make an exaggerated sneeze sound while flicking some water on their feet works every time," said another.

When asked how she responded to the situation, Alison admitted she was too"shocked" to do anything and did nothing instead.

The woman had put her bare feet up on the armrest of the model who was sitting in front
The woman had put her bare feet up on the armrest of the model who was sitting in front. Source: TikTok

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