Airplane passenger infuriates wife with his ‘terrible’ travel decision: ‘You literally ditched your wife’

A man and his wife are in an argument over their airline seats.

He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. He and his wife booked an international trip. The flight is 12 hours, so he used his miles to upgrade his seats to business class. The trouble is, he didn’t bother to upgrade his wife.

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“My wife [and I] are going to the United States from Japan for a month for vacation,” he explained. “When we booked the tickets, we initially thought that we were going to be sitting next to each other. But I had the option to upgrade my seat to business with miles, and I did.

“Well, my wife is not too happy about that because she wanted to sit together on the 12-hour flight. But it’s overnight, so we’re gonna be sleeping the whole flight, so I didn’t think it mattered. I told her that, and she got upset because she thinks I chose business class over her, and that’s rude, apparently.”

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He didn’t understand why his wife wanted to sit next to him on the long flight.

“I said to her that she’s just jealous (in a teasing, joking way), and she got upset and told me to ask the airline to see if I can switch my seat back to economy,” he wrote. “I said, ‘H*** no,’ because I’m not going to miss my opportunity to sit in business class.

“In my eyes, it’s just a 12-hour flight, and it doesn’t matter if I sit next to my wife or not. If it’s really bad, though, I still have a week before my flight to maybe get it changed.”

Redditors thought the husband made the wrong move.

“You literally ditched your wife and then mocked her,” a user wrote.

“A move like that would make me think long and hard about my marriage,” someone said.

“The fact that he instead brags about how great his new seat will be and teases his wife over being upset is terrible,” another commented.

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