Restaurant prints 'devastating' mistake in advert – can you spot it?

A restaurant has apologised after a crude image somehow made its way into one of their ads.

Chiaro's Pizza & Restaurant Sellersville in the US state of Pennsylvania recently took out an ad hoping to showcase its “award winning pizza and hoagies”.

In the advertisement, it pictured a chocolate cake and a cappuccino being poured.

Unfortunately, whoever greenlit the ad missed a detail in the coffee cup.

An advertisement for Chiaro's cafe and pizza shop is pictured.
There's a blooper in this cafe's advertisement but can you see it? Source: Chiaro's via Twitter/1100001001

Social media loses it over x-rated error

Eagle-eyed viewers on Twitter spotted the detail: a naked man appears in the froth of the cappuccino.

“Didn’t see it at first but once you see it you can’t unsee it,” one man tweeted.

"Had to look *ahem* hard but it cracked me up," another said.

Another man tweeted he is surprised it got approved.

“Coffee for me, thanks,” one woman tweeted.

"Any chance I can get a hard copy of this ad?" one person quipped.

"Out of all the times I have been to Chiaros it never hit me that all I needed to order was a steaming hot cappuccino," a woman joked on Facebook.

"Greatest mistake ever made. It made my day," another person wrote.

Restaurant apologises over 'devastating' mistake

On Facebook, Chiaro’s addressed the gaffe and said proofreaders and the restaurant failed to catch “the subtle nature of what we thought was a tasteful photo of a cappuccino”.

“We deeply apologise for letting this slip by,” Chiaro’s wrote.

“None of our proof readers, The Community Connection proofreaders, or the actual printer proofers caught the mistake before it was printed and circulated. We are working on making sure this does not happen again.”

Chiaro’s added it is “devastating situation”. It is not clear how the image made its way into the ad but it appears to have been a photoshopped version of a stock image.

Chiaro's Pizza & Restaurant Sellersville is pictured.
Chiaro's Pizza & Restaurant Sellersville has apologised over the ad but many people have taken it in good humour. Source: Facebook/ Chiaro's Pizza & Restaurant Sellersville

Regardless, readers of the apology seemed to take it in good humour.

“I wish I got a copy, this is so funny and we don’t blame you at all. Mistakes happen, and thanks for the much needed laugh,” one woman wrote.

Many vowed to make a visit to the restaurant to show their support, and others pointed out that their simple flyer had now gained them international publicity.

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