Man's 'creepy' find under 1950s dental surgery: 'Serial killer vibes'

A “creepy” find in the ceiling of an old building has left people in shock, with some describing it as “horrifying”, “scary” and the “grossest thing ever”.

The story, shared on Facebook, told of how a tradesman was working in a retail space in Concord, in the US state of New Hampshire, when five teeth fell out of the ceiling.

“Everyone mused about that for a minute and he went back to ripping....and yelling,” read the post by Byron Carr on the Forgotten New Hampshire Facebook page.

“A couple hundred teeth rained down on him. He was a bit creeped out for a while.”

A photo accompanying the post shows hundreds of old, decaying teeth along with remnants of dentures.

Hundreds of old, decaying teeth and partial dentures from a dentist office are collected in a pile after falling on a tradesman who was repairing a building.
This photo shows a portion of the teeth that "rained" down from the ceiling under the dentist's office. Source: Facebook

Mr Carr wrote that a dentist’s office used to be above the shop in the 1950s, and there was a chance his own tooth could be among the mix.

The image traumatised some Facebook users – including one woman who promptly cancelled her dentist appointment after seeing it.

“If I was the guy who found these I’d have thrown up everywhere. Teeth are a huge fear of mine. Ew, just ew! It’s like staring in a SAW movie!” one woman wrote.

“This pic gives me a serial killer vibe,” another said.

“My fear of the dentist just intensified by 1000%” a woman said.

“Imagine being the contractor taking that pile of teeth to the face. Lmaoo,” one man joked.

Phenix Hall in Concord, New Hampshire.
The denist's office used to be on the second floor of Phenix Hall in Concord.

Possible explanation behind teeth in ceiling

Mr Carr wrote that he always found the dentist’s surgery “a bit spooky” as a kid, and described the dentist himself as “Alfred Hitchcock’s twin”.

He also offered a possible explanation behind all the teeth in the ceiling.

“When my second teeth came in he said I had too many and needed to pull one,” he said.

“When he popped out the tooth he lost control of it and flew across the room ricocheting a few times. We never found it! I was real bummed and crying.

“It seems when he swept the floor there was a hole by the steam radiator pipe that was a good size to make sweepings disappear. I couldn't find my tooth in that pile so no money [from the tooth fairy].”

While a few people agreed that putting debris into holes in the walls may have been a common practice several decades ago, others questioned how so many teeth ended up “lost”.

"Your dentist "just so happened" to drop & "lose" every single tooth he pulled out onto the floor….??” one woman asked.

“How careless was this dentist to lose so many teeth?” said another.

“Kind of gross to sweep the teeth into a hole in the floor. He had to know that someday they would fall out if and when work was done on the building,” one man said.

The post has clocked up almost 3000 reactions and more than 700 comments.

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