Daughter's distraught TikTok after mum, siblings allegedly murdered by dad

A young woman appears inconsolable in a series of TikTok videos following the death of her mum and three younger siblings.

US authorities confirmed a woman and her three children under the age of ten were shot to death at their home in the US state of Michigan on Friday, with evidence suggesting the husband is to blame, police say.

The man was found injured at the scene with a gunshot wound to the head and is now recovering in hospital, Mecosta County Sheriff Brian Miller confirmed.

Dawn Gillard from Michigan in the US with her three children
The woman from Michigan in the US was shot and killed along with her three children,
aged 6, 4 and 3. Source: Facebook

While authorities didn't release the names of the victims, Hailey Salisbury confirmed to ABC 13 News that it was her mum Dawn Gillard, 40, who'd been killed alongside her children Katelynn, Ronald and Joshua.

"I am in total shock. I am so devastated," she told the news outlet, confirming the injured man was her step-dad and father of her half-siblings.

Series of emotional TikTok videos

Ms Salisbury posted about her family members' deaths on her TikTok, appearing distraught in several videos and condemning her step-dad's alleged actions.

In one video, she's sobbing while repeatedly screaming 'What the f**k?' following news of the alleged murder.

The on-screen caption reads: "Please please please hold your family close and don't take them for granted. You never know what could happen."

In another video, the heartbroken woman shares an image of what appears to be her stepfather.

"I WILL find a way to speak to you before you die in prison you disgusting sickening thing," she fumed.

Six months ago, Ms Salisbury lost her dad to cancer, she revealed, admitting she uses TikTok a way to cope.

The woman was flooded with messages of support from TikTok users who saw the news.

"Praying you have someone by your side who is helping you through all this, sending healing blessings to you," one said.

"I am so extremely sorry. Words are never enough in a circumstance like this, but I hope you feel supported and loved," said another.

Hailey Salisbury crying on TikTok about the murder of her mum and siblings
The daughter shared several videos on TikTok detailing the murder of her mum and siblings, accusing her step-dad of the crime. Source: TikTok

Sheriff Miller told local news outline MLive that an investigation is ongoing. The shooting has taken an emotional toll on the community, he said.

"With our first-responders, almost everyone at the scene had children of their own. I can tell you they took it very hard," he reportedly said.

"We’re not exactly sure what the circumstances were. It’s tragic by all accounts."

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