Mum fears losing rental after daughter falls through faulty stairs

Doctors say the 14-year-old girl is 'extremely lucky' with how she landed after falling two metres.

A young teenager is "extremely lucky" to have landed the way she did after falling through a flight of faulty stairs at the family's Queensland rental home.

Her mum anonymously posted about the incident on Sunday night, saying the "stairs have just given way" and her 14-year-old daughter "fell through and landed right on her tail bone," two metres below.

"It was very scary as it happened right before my eyes," she said on the Facebook group.

Photos of the stairs, where two steps are seen to have fallen off. A photo of the daughter's injured foot after falling two metres down through the stairs.
A mother living in Woodridge, Queensland shared photos of her faulty staircase collapsing, which her daughter fell through. Source: Facebook

"The other steps seem a bit loose when I feel them..the builder said it was absolute s**t workmanship and they will report it to body corporate."

Given that her daughter landed on her tail bone, the comments section was full of people urging the mum to take her to hospital, who gave an update on Monday.

Tail bone injury could've been much worse

"My daughter went to hospital after it happened and the doctors said she was extremely lucky as she landed in a 'sitting position' right on her tail bone with a 2 metre drop," she said in the Facebook comments.

"However they did say to keep an eye on it as many people have also said with tail bone injuries it can show up much later.. her leg is still sore and swollen but luckily nothing broken.

"The emergency at hospital were shocked when I showed how it happened!"

A closeup of where the screws would've been to hold together the steps. Another photo of one of the screws which seems to be broken.
A mother living in Woodridge, Queensland shared photos of her faulty staircase collapsing, which her daughter fell down from. Source: Facebook

She also shared a photo of one of the broken screws holding together the stairs, inciting outrage from social media users.

"That’s absolutely appalling... it looks like it snapped too," one person commented. "They are not sufficient for bracing a staircase. I hope you and your kids are okay."

Stairs fixed but mum fears lease won't be renewed

The woman mentioned she had no luck contacting the real estate emergency after hours number "even though (she) called and texted all night while in hospital".

"The staircase is 'fixed' yayy!! but only due me having to call, call, call and call and text non stop," she said.

Despite the faulty stairs not being the family's fault, the mum is worried about losing her lease on the Woodbridge home after "having to push so hard with the real estate to get the stairs fixed asap".

"My lease is almost up for renewal and I was already stressed due to the rental crisis about not being offered a renewal," she commented.

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