Sydney tenant blasts property manager's response after daughter's room floods

A Sydney tenant was left less than impressed with the apparent response from her real estate agent after a room in her rental property became completely flooded from recent rain.

In a video shared to TikTok, mum-of-two Sophie shows herself walking around her daughter's bedrooms as her feet splash the water on the floor. Despite the flooded room, she explained that the real estate agent's response was the most disappointing thing about the situation.

"You just need a couple of towels to soak it up and it'll be alright," the property manager allegedly said, the tenant claimed.

The tenant showed water on the floor as she shared her disappointed over the response to the room flooding.
The tenant was disappointed by the real estate's response to her daughter's room flooded, with mould frequently growing on the walls. Source: TikTok / soph.ei

Tenant claims continued lack of support

In another video uploaded online, Sophie claims she has been contacting the real estate agent since 2019 about her Sydney rental being susceptible to water leakage and flooding, but says very little has been done to mitigate the issue.

Water on the floor and wall in the lounge.
The lounge has been subject to water damage throughout the years due to a hole in the ceiling letting rainwater in. TikTok / soph.ei

In one email sent in May last year which she shared with followers, the tenant reported that a hole in the freshly painted ceiling was bringing rain into the property. The exhaust fan was reportedly broken and all areas of the property had been impacted by mould to which the tenant sad she was forced to personally removed on every occasion without assistance from the real estate agency.

Despite the ongoing saga, Sophie is eager to remain in the property with her two children and has even taken money out of her own pocket to improve the house by adding an outdoor garden.

"My children and I have made this house our home and ideally, I would like to stay at this property for as long as the landlord is willing to lease it out," she wrote.

Social media concerned over property's condition

Thousands of people engaged with Sophie's video online and many shared her pain, as the conditions accepted by tenants are continuously being stretched due to Sydney's rental crisis.

"Our last rental property was riddled with mould, they said put a little bleach on it when we left... property had strong chemical smell," one woman shared.

"Everywhere is a joke. So hard to find good housing," another wrote.

"I’m also worried about the power cord on the floor with all that water," a third commented.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Sophie for further comment.

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