Melbourne landlord slammed over bizarre demands for $300 room: 'Nutcase'

Many were not impressed by the room or the landlord's conditions of tenancy. What do you think?

One Melbourne landlord's tenancy conditions have raised eyebrows as Australian tenants continue to be battered by tight rental markets.

The Facebook listing which advertised a $300 fully furnished "room to rent" in the southeast suburb of Frankston was posted on Thursday and told prospective tenants they could move in immediately to the spot conveniently located near shops.

However, the accompanying pictures and disclaimer on expected tenant behaviour did not go down well.

The Melbourne landlord shared a picture of the bedroom and bath.
The Melbourne landlord shared pictures of an available room and spa to rent alongside a list of bizarre conditions the tenant had to abide by. Source: Facebook

The room itself appeared to be filled with personal items that was just big enough to fit a single bed inside, with the wooden wall framing exposed and unfinished. The facilities available for the tenant to use included a dirty spa bath – but access would only be given on the weekends.

The landlord also detailed a list of conditions."Strictly no visitors to the property on weekdays, spa available for use on Saturday and Sunday. BBQ facilities for cooking next to room in undercover area. No drugs/pet or 5G phone," the landlord detailed in the post.

Response to Melbourne landlord's demands

The listing was spotted by one user who shared it onto a Facebook community page, instigating a barrage of comments about the unusual set of rules attached to the basic room.

"Fully furnished?! Pity it's not fully a room," one man said.

"Can only use the bath on weekends?" one woman questioned.

"No 5G phones lol. The dude's a nutcase," another wrote.

Despite the unanimous comment section, the landlord (who asked to remained anonymous) claimed he had three people scheduled to view the room over the weekend, which is priced at $300 per week.

He told Yahoo News Australia why they want to enforce the list of conditions and believes it's well within their right as the homeowner.

"I have set rules as I don’t want my privacy or lifestyle interfered with. My house, my rules," the landlord said.

With limited vacant rental properties in Melbourne as well as other major cities in Australia, many renters are accusing landlords of capitalising on their misfortune which is creating animosity between both sides.

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