Hopeful tenant shocked by landlord charging rent for pet fish: 'Beyond insane'

The landlord permitted the keeping of pet fish but banned 'aggressive' breeds.

Something fishy is going on across the pond with our US neighbours, or at least that's what one woman has led her followers to believe.

In a viral TikTok video that's garnered over 60,000 views, the Missouri woman, who goes by @nicr__ online, appeared shocked to learn that a landlord charges rent for keeping a pet fish.

The woman included a screenshot of what appears to be an online apartment listing in Kansas City, Missouri which states pet fish are allowed to call the place home, but "aggressive breeds" won't be accepted. The animal won't be staying for free though and tenants will be faced with extra fees, the woman noted in the video, including a one-time charge of US$200 (A$290), plus US$15 (A$22) "monthly pet rent".

Woman on TikTok reveal landlord charges pet fish rent.
The woman from the US came across the 'pet rent' while looking for a property to live. Source: TikTok/Getty

"They’re now charging pet rent for fishes?" she captioned the video, which was posted last week. She told The New York Post she was looking for a place when she stumbled upon listings with "a lot of outlandish fees".

While the "fish fee was beyond insane," she told the publication there were other absurd monthly charges in her apartment search – including a "community fee" starting at US$100 (A$145). The woman admitted renters are "frustrated with how landlords are able to get away with charging insane rents", but adding extra charges such as these is "beyond ridiculous".

Reaction to 'astonishing' pet rule

Many were perplexed by the TikTok video with one stating "I didn’t think you needed permission for a fish".

"Just in case the fish rips up the carpet," one mocked in the comments. "These apartments are out of control with their damn fees," said another.

One said the "greed is astonishing", while another claimed landlords "will do anything for money".

The rental crisis is felt here in Australia too with prices reaching new heights in recent months. One tenant says she was left crying in her cupboard after an "irate" landlord allegedly posed as a handyman to check on the property.

Property agents have also been accused of illegal "rent bidding" by upping the price of properties that have garnered a lot of interest.

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