Landlord's 'disgusting’ discovery in tenant's room: 'Holy cow'

After kicking the tenant out following the bad smell coming from the room the landlord entered the room with a camera to investigate.

In what can only be described as a landlord's nightmare, a woman has filmed the 'disgusting' state of one of her tenant's rooms after evicting them.

There had been a bad smell coming from the room for a while as well as complaints made by other tenants. Eventually the owner kicked the tenant out. And then she decided to enter the furnished room, armed with a camera, to see how bad it was.

A photo of takeaway KFC, Maccas and Hungry Jacks on a bookshelf. Another photo of dirty dishes, cups and cutlery in a bedside table draw, as well as a wine glass with red wine.
A Victorian landlord videoed the ‘disgusting’ state a tenant left their room in after being kicked out. Source: TikTok/stephadiy

Without having so much as entered the room, footage reveals rubbish strewn across the floor, used cups, as well as dirt and boxes are everywhere.

"Oh my god, it smells so bad, there's garbage bags everywhere," she says in a Tiktok video. Then when panning to the rest of the room, says it only "gets worse".

To the left of the room on a shelf, there are takeaway paper bags of KFC, Maccas and Hungry Jacks, as well as empty cans of soft drink. Followed by more takeaway in the closet and additional rubbish bags filled to the brim.

Walking towards the study desk and opening the drawer, she finds dirty plates and cutlery, as well as a pile of plates on the study chair. "Oh there's all the plates we’ve been missing," she remarks.

However that's not the end of it. Moving to the bedside table that has a glass of red left for who knows how long, she finds even more plates and cutlery that barely fit in the drawers.

"Holy cow," she gasps. "Disgusting."

"How do people live like this???"

In the comments she revealed she had to throw out the mattress and bedsheets.

Social media users react to 'disgusting' room

The video was viewed more than 56,000 times, and left many people disgusted.

"Omg! Who puts dirty plates inside drawers?!" one person said on TikTok.

Piles of Hungry Jack's takeaway bags are stuffed into a wardrobe inside the landlord's unit.
Piles of Hungry Jack's takeaway bags were stuffed into a wardrobe, while dirty plates were left sitting on a chair. Source: TikTok

"I can’t stop gasping," another said.

"At least they left you a sip of wine," a third person joked.

Some suggested the tenant was "not in a good place" to have been living in such a mess, but still thought it was unfair towards the landlord.

"I would pass out if I had to clean that," one person said.

"How is that not roach infested," another said.

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