Mechanic's 'disgusting' find in car: 'How do people live like this?'

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When was the last time you cleaned your car?

It’s a chore which probably gets past a few of us.

But spare a thought for this mechanic in the US and what he confronted after a customer came in for an oil change with their Ford sedan.

In a video shared to Reddit, the car is seen full of garbage. At least three packets of Marlboro cigarettes are seen on the back seat with a pile of plastic coat-hangers and bubble wrap along with a cardboard box.

Piles of garbage including discarded cigarette butts are seen in a Ford sedan.
Chances are you probably don't feel as bad about that empty bag of McDonald's you got at the drive-thru last weekend after seeing this. Source: Reddit/ JS636

Such is the mess in the back, it almost blocks the rear window.

It’s not exactly passenger friendly. The front seat is also covered in filth with the front passenger seat appearing to be reclined under the mess.

A cup of what appears to be soup sits on the front passenger seat along with cigarette butts, some kind of bed sheet, a bottle of soft drink, another cardboard box and scraps of paper.

At least they seem to be Covid safe – a face mask is seen hanging from the rearview mirror. More discarded plastic and cigarette butts sit on the dashboard with some filth near the brakes and accelerator.

Piles of garbage including discarded cigarette butts are seen in a Ford sedan.
More rubbish seen on the driver's side. Source: Reddit/ JS636

'Beyond disgusting'

People on Reddit responded with revulsion at the mess in the Ford.

“How do people live like this?” one person wrote.

Others questioned what the owner’s home might look like with some suggesting it might be worse.

“I would be closing that door and telling them to go somewhere else, or just to light a match and set the car ablaze. That is beyond disgusting,” another wrote.

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