This dangerous road act could see cyclists fined $116 by police

There has been a lot of focus in recent years on protecting cyclists from motor vehicles to reduce the risk of serious injury should they collide on the roads.

So it isn’t too surprising to see that rules have been introduced to ensure cyclists don’t get too close to moving vehicles when out on the open road.

The authorities don’t mess around with cyclists who aim to push the limit and fines can be issued to anyone who could pose a threat to the safety of other road users. So just how much could this mistake cost?

Cyclist drives past cars. Source: Getty Images
Cyclists must stay at least two metres away from moving vehicles. Source: Getty Images

Road rules restrict distance between cyclists and cars

As much as there are rules to protect cyclists from cars, there are also rules designed to protect drivers from clashing with overzealous cyclists.

It’s why Rule 255 of the Australian Road Rules states that cyclists must always remain at least two metres from any moving vehicle on the road.

If they are within a two-metre distance, they are only allowed to follow a moving vehicle for no further than 200 metres at any given time.

This rule has been put in place to ensure that cyclists aren’t following drivers maliciously and also have time to react should a car stop suddenly in front of them.

By doing this, it places an equal onus on the rider as well as the driver to ensure that each has enough space on the road to go about their business safely.

Riding bike on a street. Source: Getty Images
Cyclists can only follow cars closely for up to 200 metres. Source: Getty Images

Cashing in on cyclists

Should any cyclist be found breaking this rule, they can expect a fine coming their way as this is a rule that is enforced throughout Australia.

While demerit points won’t be issued, the police can still issue cyclists with a large fine if they remain too close to moving vehicles. Some of the penalties that can be issued include:

NSW: In New South Wales, cyclists found following cars too closely can be issued with a fine of $116 for their dangerous actions.

VIC: Any cyclist in Victoria caught by police getting too close to a vehicle will find themselves being issued with a fine of $182.

QLD: Should any cyclist in Queensland be found following drivers too closely, they will risk getting a fine of $137 from the police.

SA: If any cyclist in South Australia is found to be getting too close to cars on the roads, the police can issue them with a fine of $154.

WA: Western Australian authorities are pretty strict on cyclists getting close to vehicles and will issue a $100 fine for anyone found breaking this rule.

TAS: In Tasmania, any cyclist who follows cars too closely for a prolonged period will find themselves copping a fine of $130 from the local authorities.

ACT: Cyclists in Canberra who are caught following cars too closely on the roads will be shocked to learn that they will be given a fine of $154 by the police for their actions.

Cyclists riding through a city. Source: Getty Images
Cyclists can be issued with fines exceeding $150 for getting too close to a moving vehicle. Source: Getty Images

As you can see, the authorities put just as much focus into punishing cyclists for reckless behaviour they do with drivers.

By knowing just how close is too close, it means that cyclists can focus on keeping their distance and ensure that both bicycles and cars can be used on the roads without any serious incidents.

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