Man's stunning $630 find behind hotel room TV

Nadine Carroll
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A hotel guest has revealed a surprising discovery he made behind a television in the room he was staying in. 

The man from the US state of Kentucky posted a photo of his find in a Facebook group dedicated to things found hidden in walls.

"Not in a wall, however next to one," he wrote alongside an image of cash wedged between a TV and the wall.

"Just found $480 (A$630) in a hotel about ten minutes ago ... I checked in this morning."

US cash hidden behind a TV in a hotel room.
A man said he found cash hidden behind a TV in a hotel room. Source: Facebook

Members of the group were astounded by man's lucky find with the post attracting thousands of comments.

"Why doesn't this ever happen to me?" one user asked.

A few people in the group suggested the man report the discovery to hotel staff so they could track down previous guests and find the owner.

"I'd take it to the front desk and have them contact the person that stayed before you and let them know they left it," one person commented.

"I would do the same, curse my persistent honesty," another replied. 

A man walking into a hotel room
The man said he found the cash just ten minutes after checking into the hotel. Source: Getty

However many people in the group thought the cash was a sign of the lack of attention paid to cleaning the room.

"I'm concerned because housekeeping should have found that instantly ... makes me wonder how clean that room actually is," one woman said.

Others argued cleaning behind a TV wasn't part of a standard hotel clean.

"I doubt it's standard procedure to clean the two inch gap behind the wall-mounted TV everyday," a user wrote.

"It also seems off someone would look behind there," a person added. 

"I always look under the beds in hotels. Mostly to gauge the level of cleanliness. It's usually just M&M's and peanuts but once i found a $10,000 Cartier watch," another member replied.

One former hotel worker chimed into the conversation, adding that furniture was rarely moved.

"I was a housekeeper for many years, we didn't pull out entertainment stands or remove wall art every time someone checked out. We did deep cleans every 60 days," they said.

The original poster did not reveal whether he kept the money or reported it to staff. 

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