'Almost threw up': Woman's disgusting find hidden in beach cave

Nadine Carroll
·2-min read

A TikTok user got an unpleasant shock when she filmed what she thought was going to be an exciting video exploring a hidden beach cave, but instead it ended up leaving her running in the opposite direction.

Jessie Clark, who posts on the social media site as @jessie_jaimes, uploaded a video of herself as she walks into a cave she found while exploring a beach in Mexico.

In the footage viewed more than 110,000 times, Clark walks into the cave, and turns and smiles at the camera.

A TikTok user runs out of a cave after realising it's being used as a bathroom.
A TikTok user thought she had found a hidden cave on a Mexico beach, then she realised it was hidden for a reason. Source: TikTok/jessie_jaimes

As she walks further into the darkness, she turns back and informs the person filming that it doesn’t exactly smell great.

“It smells like piss in here,” she says as she takes a few more tentative steps.

Suddenly the TikTok user turns around and rushes out of the cave trying not to gag.

“Oh I can’t, it’s literally a bathroom, It’s a bathroom,” she says as she runs past the camera and out into the fresh air.

Thankfully the video ends before viewers get a better look at what Clark saw in the cave, but the video left followers highly amused.

“Your face going in vs your face coming out,” one user wrote along with a laughing emoji.

One user pointed out what she hoped were droplets of ocean water on the sand leading into the cave.

“Well used judging by the footprints,” they wrote.

“I was so excited, I should have known with the wet drips of sand not near the water. I almost threw up,” Clark replied.

However one user was just happy Clark didn't venture any further into the dark cave.

"I’m actually very relieved it smelled like that," one user wrote. 

"My anxiety watching you head into a little hole."

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