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Man reviews secret McDonald's menu item

If you have ever polished off a McDonald's Big Mac and still felt a little peckish, a TikTok user has discovered the 'Monster Mac' – a hidden burger on the fast food chain's so-called 'secret menu' that is three times the size.

A standard Big Mac comes with two beef patties sandwiched on a sesame seed bun and garnished with pickles, lettuce, onion, American cheese and the cult favourite Big Mac sauce.

It's enough to leave anyone craving a bite but TikTok user Matt, otherwise known as 'theglasssniper' claims to have found the ultimate burger which leaves the classic Big Mac in the dust.

"This sucker is eight patties long!" Matt describes in the TikTok video which has received over one million likes and 3.5 million views.

A male TikTok user eats a McDonalds 'Monster Mac' - a Big Mac with eight beef patties
A TikTok user has discovered the 'Monster Mac', a hidden item on McDonald's allegedly secret menu. Source: TikTok/theglasssniper (Source: TikTok/theglasssniper)

The rest of the burger appears to be the same as a traditional Big Mac with some extra cheese and special sauce thrown in.

It costs the American man the equivalent of about AUD$14, which he claims is half the price of burger chain Wendy's similar huge burger.

Matt suggests the best way to eat the Monster Mac is by tuning it upside down because "the sturdier bun is always the top bun,".

After devouring the burger the fast-food lover delivers his verdict.

"I applaud you McDonald’s, I give this a nine (out of 10)," he said.

Viewers responded with a mixture of curiosity and concern for Matt's health.

“I can feel my arteries hardening just looking at it,” one person wrote.

"I'll be at McDonald's if anybody needs me," another user joked.

“That burger exists? I’ve heard stories of this legendary meaty delight but never thought you could get one,” one person wrote.

It's not the first time an item from the secret McDonald's menu has left people wanting more.

A woman recently discovered a sheet cake, exclusive to McDonald's staff events that left TikTok users drooling.

A McDonald's spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that unfortunately a secret menu does not exist in Australia, and neither does the Monster Mac.

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