TikToker solves wild McDonald's 'conspiracy'

Nadine Carroll
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A TikTok user with far too much time on his hands has solved a mystery behind one of McDonald's classic menu items.

Many Australians have fond childhood memories of heading to McDonald’s for a happy meal and, if we were lucky, a box of those delicious little cookies made that meal a very happy one indeed.

It was a treat that defined Macca’s, the bite sized cookies were as much an iconic part of those golden arches as the playground and the soft serve cone, so imagine our surprise to find out not only are these cookies not exclusive to McDonald’s - but they have been hiding in plain sight in the supermarket biscuit aisle for years.

Zach Mander discovered McDonald's cookies are made by Arnott's
Comedian Zach Mander always felt there was something familiar about McDonald’s cookies and he was determined to get to the bottom of the 'cookie conspiracy'. Source: TikTok/Zach Mander

Comedian Zach Mander always felt there was something strangely familiar about McDonald’s cookies and he was determined to get to the bottom of the snack scandal.

In a TikTok video titled ‘Cookie Conspiracy’ that has been viewed more than 175,000 times Mr Mander puts forth the theory that he believes Arnott’s Teddy Bear Biscuits are the same as McDonald’s cookies.

The comedian first came to this conclusion after a strenuous experiment that involved eating both types of biscuits, but not one to rely on taste buds alone, he then noticed that on the bag of McDonald’s cookies the Arnott’s logo was present.

“Well, well, well, well, well, well,” the comedian concludes.

“I wonder what Arnott’s are going to say about this,” he says, showing a screenshot of a message he sent to Arnott’s that cryptically reads: “I know about the Teddy Bear Biscuits.”

Mr Mander ends his TikTok video with the promise of taking his findings to A Current Affair if he receives no response from the biscuit manufacturer.

McDonald’s Australia jokingly claimed to be unaware of where the cookies come from, saying they blindly accept delivery of the cookies without asking questions.

“Grimace just turns up at the office with a truck full of them once a week, we’ve never really thought to ask where he’s getting them from,” a McDonald’s spokesperson commented on the video.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Arnott’s for comment.

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