Woman discovers secret menu item at McDonald's

A TikTok user has revealed a secret McDonald’s dessert not available on the standard menu.

With a fairly consistent menu across the world, and a few tweaks catering to local taste buds and the occasional limited edition item, most people know what to expect when visiting the golden arches.

However, thanks to TikTok user Kayleigh Weeks, millions of people have been left drooling over a secret item that has apparently been available at some of the fast food locations for years.

A TikTok user has revealed a secret McDonald’s dessert not available on the standard menu.
A TikTok user has revealed a secret McDonald’s dessert not available on the standard menu. Source: Getty

“Did you know McDonald’s sells nine dollar cakes?” she wrote in the TikTok video that has since amassed over four million views.

Ms Weeks, based in the US state of Nebraska, cuts into a sheet cake decorated with thick white icing and the fast food chain’s icon Ronald McDonald, before pulling out a corner slice to hold up to the camera revealing the cake is dark chocolate.

Debate over whether McDonald’s cake exists

The video drew mixed reactions, with many questioning if the secret cake really existed.

“I work there and I didn’t even know that! Please don’t order it, I’ll have a panic attack trying to find it,” one employee wrote.

“From someone that works there – we don’t sell them,” another current employee claimed.

“I used to work there when I was a teenager and they gave me one on my birthday,” a third woman commented.

Despite the controversy, people were curious about how the unusual looking cake tasted.

“That looks like it’s 1999 flavoured,” one person wrote.

Kayleigh Weeks revealing the secret McDonald's cake not on the menu
Kayleigh Weeks had to prove that she actually bought the secret cake from McDonald's. Source: TikTok

Ms Weeks replied that the cake was actually frozen and while she said it wasn’t “the best cake ever”, she wrote that it was worth the price and shared another video of a few kids enjoying the secret cake.

“Not a huge fan of the icing but the cake part was good,” she wrote.

Another employee revealed that while the cakes do exist, sadly, they aren’t available for everyday customers.

“It’s for store events, not retail,” she wrote.

As debate continued over whether or not the secret cake was actually a real McDonald’s item, Ms Weeks made another TikTok video showing the process of purchasing the cake.

There is no word yet if McDonald’s chains in Australia provide the secret cakes.

Yahoo News Australia reached out to McDonald’s Australia for comment.

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