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Millionaire rents helicopter to get McDonald's while on holidays

A millionaire craving McDonalds while on holiday flew a helicopter almost 500km just to get a feed.

Viktor Martynov was holidaying in Crimea when he and his girlfriend decided they wanted some food like you could get in Moscow.

To satisfy their cravings, Mr Martynov hired a private helicopter to get to a McDonalds in Krasnodar, which is about 486km away.

Viktor Martynov explained he and his girlfriend flew the helicopter from Crimea to get the McDonalds in Krasnodar.
Viktor Martynov ordered a private helicopter to get McDonald's while he and his girlfriend were on holidays. Source: YouTube/Bloknot Krasnodar

“We bought everything we wanted and were satisfied,” Mr Martynov says in a video shared by Russian media.

The trip took several hours and LadBible spoke with Mr Martnov and confirmed he dined-in at the McDonalds to enjoy his meal of burgers, fries and milkshakes.

In the video, Mr Martrnov said he and his girlfriend then returned back to their hotel in Crimea and continued their holiday.

Russian media outlet Bloknot Krasnodar reported the Maccas feed was roughly $50, but the cost of the private helicopter set Mr Martynov back around $3630.

While the McDonald's meal cost around $A50, hiring the chopper cost around $3000. Source: Getty Images
While the McDonald's meal cost around $A50, hiring the chopper cost around $3000. Source: Getty Images

In 2014, the region’s only three McDonald’s restaurants were closed in Crimea.

The decision came a month after Russia annexed Crimea, following a referendum held in the wake of Ukraine’s political upheavals.

At the time, McDonalds said in a statement the decision for the closures was “strictly a business decision which has nothing to do with politics”.

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