Grandmother keeps McDonald's burger in closet for 24 years

A woman has revealed what a McDonald’s hamburger and fries looks like after storing them in her closet for 24 years.

In a bizarre TikTok video that has since been viewed over 3.5 million times, Ali Sherb’s grandmother asks “so you want to see my hamburger?” as she holds a shoebox with the word ‘Hamburger’ written on it.

“It lives in my closet,” she says as she begins to show the contents.

First, the grandmother shows the McDonald’s bag which looks like it has seen better days.

“This is the sack that it came in and it’s advertising a NASCAR race in 1996,” she says pointing to the date on the bag.

“So this dates it to 24-years-old now,”

Grandmother shows what a 24-year-old McDonald's hamburger looks like
The 24-year-old McDonald's hamburger is dated from 1996. Source: TikTok/Aly.Sherb

She then pulls out a small packet of french fries which she said looks as if they’ve barely aged.

“They look like they’ve fallen under your seat maybe a month or so ago, they have never rotted or decayed,” she says, looking amused as she holds the shrivelled fries up to the camera.

Aly’s grandmother then unwraps the hamburger and opens it to show two buns and a meat patty that don’t appear to look any different to a fresh McDonald’s burger.

“The hamburger itself, the bread has never moulded, the meat has never rotted,” she says.

the 24 year old McDonald's burger
'It’s completely in tact,': Aly's grandmother shows off her ancient McDonald's burger. Source: TikTok/Aly.Sherb

“It’s completely intact,” she adds as she wraps the burger up.

“So, that’s the 24-year-old hamburger. Not sure what would happen if you ate it though.”

People responded fascinated by the video but many asked what would motivate somebody to intentionally store a hamburger in their wardrobe for 24 years.

“For those of you wondering why she did this, she’s a teacher and bought it for a longitudinal science experiment,” Aly wrote.

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