Man accuses officers of police brutality after arm broken in arrest

A man has accused two police officers of brutality after he claims his arm was broken during an arrest in Sydney’s south.

Shane Dwyer’s arrest at an apartment complex in Eastlakes in December 2017 was captured on a police officer’s body camera.

The officers were responding to false reports of a knife-wielding man in Mr Dwyer’s apartment complex, and approached Mr Dwyer’s door asking for a man named “Paul”.

But Paul doesn’t live there. When Mr Dwyer answers the door, he’s informed his actions are being recorded and he is under arrest.

Shane Dwyer (right) of Eastlakes in Sydney claims two NSW Police officers used police brutality on him during an arrest and broke his arm. Source: 7 News

The 48-year-old can be seen tumbling backwards as he’s thrown to the floor.

The officers forcibly try to wrap Mr Dwyer’s arm around his back. It’s at this point he claims his arm broke.

Senior Constable Ben Vizzone then continues to handcuff him.

“You should pick on people who deserve to be picked on,” Mr Dwyer can be heard saying.

An officer informs Mr Dwyer he’s under arrest for wielding a knife in the apartment complex. Source: 7 News

Magistrate Jennifer Atkinson threw out charges of intimidation and resist arrest against Mr Dwyer on Wednesday. 

She has now recommended Snr Cst Vizzone be investigated, adding what she saw “was quite concerning”. 

Police place the 48-year-old in handcuffs. Source: 7 News

Outside court, Mr Dwyer said having the charges dropped against him was a relief. 

“I was just glad that the magistrate understood,” he said.

His lawyer, Sophie Toomey, said NSW Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions at all levels. 

Mr Dwyer claims what happened was a case of police brutality and while he has respect for most officers he doesn’t think much of the two men who arrested him.

The charges of intimidation and resisting arrest against Mr Dwyer were dropped. Source: 7 News