Cat gatecrashes academic owner's live TV interview in hilarious video

It is only natural to feel a little extra weight on your shoulders during a live TV cross – if that weight is metaphorical and not a large cat.

Unfortunately for Polish academic Jerzy Targalski, it was the latter.

Mr Targalski was being interviewed by Dutch news show Nieuwsuur about the controversial forced removal of Poland’s top Supreme Court judge when cat Lisio demanded a moment in the spotlight.

The academic pushed on with the interview as Lisio crawled up his arm, perching on his owner’s shoulder and grooming his ear.

Purr-fect: Lisio was not about to miss out on a chance to appear on national television. Source: Twitter/Roudy Bouma

When the pesky scene-stealer blocked Mr Targalski’s eyes with his tail, the academic just kept talking about the serious subject matter and held the cat’s tail down.

This is not the first time Lisio and Targalski’s other cat, a more chill black kitty, have forced their way in front of television cameras.

In an interview with Polish public broadcaster Telewizja Republika earlier this month, Lisio makes a more subtle appearance by sneaking behind Targalski for a nap.

Robert E. Kelly was doing a live cross to to BBC when his daughter came storming in. Source: BBC

The hilarious scenes were reminiscent of the famous BBC interview where Professor Robert E. Kelly’s live TV cross was interrupted by his hilarious dancing child who came storming into his study.

Prof Kelly was speaking via video link about the political situation in South Korea, an issue the professor at Pusan National University is considered to be a well-regarded expert on.

However, it was his job as the dad of a four-year-old and baby that propelled the interview into the viral stratosphere when his daughter came dancing through the door behind him.

Prof Kelly attempts to maintain his composure as the children, who could not care less about the situation, are escorted from the room – not before going down in the internet hall of fame.