Hilarious Coles v Woolworths 'as siblings' TikTok video goes viral

A TikToker has sparked debate online after posting a hilarious video in which she acts out how Australia's major supermarkets would act if they were siblings.

In the funny video @nomnomjenny casts Coles and Woolworths as the two main siblings and has them fighting over who is the superior retailer.

“My mud cake is better!” Coles declares.

“No, my mud cake is better!” Woolies retorts.

IGA pipes in: “We don’t want a war, like you guys had with the milk” (referencing the major milk pricing battle between the retail giants in 2018).

"Can't you see that you guys are pretty much the same?" IGA says.

The amusing video has sparked a debate in the comments with viewers arguing about which supermarket they prefer.

Two stills from the TikTok video. Source: TikTok/@nomnomjenny
A TikToker has acted out a hilarious fight between Australia's major grocery retailers. Source: TikTok/@nomnomjenny

Coles and Woolies continue squabbling about their respective selling points.

“I’m better because I have Flybuys,” Coles says.

“I’m better because I have (Everyday) Rewards points, and those are completely different!” Woolies responds.

At the end of the TikTok, they both claim to have wider supermarket aisles. It’s at this point that the German budget supermarket, Aldi, pipes in.

“Oh, you two think you have wide aisles?” Aldi asks sarcastically and breaks out laughing.

TikTokers weigh in on which supermarket is best

The amusing TikTok has already gained over 32,000 likes and more than 400 comments.

Users on the app have started debating which supermarket they thought was better and throwing out additional suggestions of things the siblings would quarrel about.

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Tiktok user @2021_subaru_xv suggested that another Woolworth’s argument could be: “Well, I have fresh butchers”, referencing Coles's recent decision to make most of their butchers redundant.

The mud cake point has sparked a fiery debate as well, with support for the two cakes seemingly split down the middle.

User leo_theboss101 commented: “Woolies mud cake on top”, while @bigbuffa_arwen passionately disagreed and said: “Coles mud cake! Nothing, I mean nothing, can beat it".

A view down a supermarket aisle. Source: Getty Images
Despite the main supermarkets battling it out, Aldi won everyone over by mentioning its wide aisles. Source: Getty Images

Another TikToker, @raeefi, weighed in with a differing opinion: “Coles cookies are mad, but Woolies mud cake is superior”.

There were also a large number of support for low-priced Aldi, with a large number of people posting that it should be crowned the top spot.

There was a general consensus that, yes, Aldi definitely has the widest aisles.

Coles and Woolworths rivalry explored in other TikToks

This isn’t the first time Aussie supermarkets have been pitted together in a TikTok video.

Another TikTok comedian, @carlyztiktok, recently created a video detailing what type of personalities shopped at different times stores. She included Coles, Woolies, Aldi, Costco, Harris Farm and IGA.

And of course, we're all familiar with the popular Woolworths TikTok account that regularly posts comedic yet informative videos about the store features.

The official account has over 60,000 followers and frequently stars Woolies employee, Liam Kirley.

Rear view of young mother grocery shopping. Source: Getty Images
Australian supermarkets continue to dominate our TikTok For You page and, hey, we're not complaining. Source: Getty Images

Some TikTokers also had a different take on the family unit Australian supermarkets could form with @jinnielefttoe offering the theory: “Woolies and Coles are twins, IGA is the oldest and Aldi is the middle child”.

There were also a few people who said they preferred one of the "forgotten" supermarkets: Costco, Spudshed, and Foodworks.

We think @nomnomjenny may need to make a sequel to this video, and we’re looking forward to watching it!

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