'Got what he deserves': Fierce debate after rear-end crash caught on TikTok

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A furious road rage incident on a Sydney road — which resulted in one driver slamming into the back of another vehicle — has sparked a heated debate on TikTok.

TikTok user Karl, who was driving behind the two vehicles involved, uploaded two clips from his car's dashcam showing the drivers of the cars in a stand-off on a Bankstown road.

In the first clip, the drivers of the cars appear to be the middle of an argument, with the black Toyota Yaris and a silver Hyundai at a standstill on the road side-by-side, before the black Toyota pulls out slightly in front while something is thrown at it from the silver vehicle.  

TikTok users were divided over who was at fault. Source: TikTok
TikTok users were divided over who was at fault. Source: TikTok

In the second clip, the silver Hyundai appears to turn from the middle lane and slams on their brakes. The black Toyota slams into the back of them. The silver car had a green light and seemed to brake for no reason. 

The reason for the argument started is unknown.

Debate rages over who was at fault

The videos sparked debate among TikTok users over who was at fault.

"Grey car cut the black car off to slam hit brakes, and hit him with the rear of the car," one user wrote. "Grey car is at fault."

"Grey car is at fault," another agreed "He deliberately stopped on a green light while cutting 2 lanes and leaving no space to stop."

"Black car was too close," another argued. "He should have known the distance and speed."

"Both as bad as each other," one TikToker declared. 

Sydney-based lawyer Jahan Kalantar weighed in, uploading a TikTok video explaining who he would say was at fault and why.

"The collision is definitely at the fault of the black car," he explained.

"The [silver] car certainly did the wrong thing, it didn't turn effectively and slowed down.

"However, it's up to the car at the back to be on the lookout," he continued, saying "the facts speak for themselves.

There's definitely an element of contributory negligence, however, it's the black cars fault."

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