Coles truck driver's shocking move sparks fury - but who's right?

A driver’s run-in with a Coles delivery truck has divided opinion after dashcam video was uploaded to Facebook.

The man was filmed driving in Perth on Saturday about 2pm.

In dashcam footage, a Coles truck pulls out in front of him and he slows down to avoid hitting it.

A Coles truck in dashcam on a road in Perth.
The dashcam driver wasn't pleased with this Coles truck pulling out in front of him. Source: Facebook

He sounds the horn and calls the truck driver “a f****** idiot”.

The Coles driver uses their horn too.

Luckily, the dangerous manoeuvre didn't cause anyone to crash. The truck moves on and so does the car.

“You’ve got no bloody room you dunce,” the man says.

“He’s having a go at me! Absolute idiot!”

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the supermarket appreciates feedback and the video has been shared with the state transport manager for review.

Video divides opinion on Coles truck driver

Viewers were left divided by the dashcam footage with some believing the driver of the car overreacted.

Some pointed out it sounded like the man had a child in the car with him.

“You saw him pulling out from a mile away! Just be courteous and slow down so he can pull out,” one woman wrote.

One man wrote the video wasn’t even “post-worthy” and the driver should just “let the truck out”.

“Think the swearing in front of your kid is worse,” another man wrote.

Another man wrote the driver had taught the kid "some nice new words for school".

However, others suggested the truck driver needed to be more careful.

“Might be a difficult intersection and trucks certainly deserve some leeway but, surely, that's a tad over the top for the truck driver to pull out at that point,” one man wrote.

Another person said they could related to the incident.

"I had a Coles truck cut me off, then go in the middle of two lanes today," they said.

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