'What a shocker': Driver slammed for 'ridiculous' reverse park

The driver of a small car has been put on blast after footage of their shocking parking effort went viral online.

Video shared to TikTok showed the white Mazda spectacularly fail a reverse park into a space next to a large four-wheel drive about 9.30am on April 23.

The vehicle drove slightly past the spot, at a shopping centre in Bateau Bay on NSW's Central Coast, before stopping and beginning a reverse park.

Mazda hitting a four-wheel drive's bullbar.
The Mazda collided with the bullbar, acquiring a large dent to its side. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

Moments after it started moving backwards, the car came to a forced halt after colliding into the four-wheel drive's bullbar.

While the driver stopped for a brief moment, instead of pulling away and stepping out of the car to check for damage, they drove forward to try again.

After straightening up, the driver managed to avoid hitting the four-wheel drive for a second time, but drove forward for yet another attempt at squaring up.

Again they reversed back seamlessly, but left the spot once more, seemingly for the final time.

The video, initially uploaded by Dash Cam Owners Australia, has been viewed almost 400,000 times and has attracted more than 500 comments from critical social media users.

Most were shocked at the driver's nonchalant response to majorly denting the side of their car on the bullbar.

"They actually parked next to it after hitting it," one amused person wrote, with another adding, "and they kept going".

Mazda reverses into a space after hitting the car next to it.
Despite getting dented on the first attempt, the driver continued trying to park. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia

"I'm on my learners and can park better, like what?" someone else wrote in a comment.

"If you don't know how to reverse park, don't," another said.

"Also known as a 55 point park," a man joked.

"Should hand their licence in. Not exactly a massive car to park. What a shocker," another said.

"How do people get their licence?! That is just ridiculous!!" a woman said.

Others agreed it was a good thing the four-wheel drive had a hefty bullbar on the front, which likely protected the car from sustaining any serious cosmetic damages.

"I wouldn't even care. At most it would just scratch the bullbar," one wrote.

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