Motorway act enrages Lamborghini, Porsche – but who's in the wrong?

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A video of four cars occupying two lanes on a motorway has left people infuriated by a common gripe facing all road users.

The video, from a motorway in New York, was uploaded to Reddit and attracted thousands of comments.

In the video, two cars occupy two lanes ahead of a Lamborghini and a Porsche.

The Porsche travels behind them all while the Lamborghini follows tightly behind the two cars and drives across both lanes.

A Lamborghini is pictured trying to overtake traffic in New York.
A Lamborghini tries to overtake on a New York motorway. Source: Reddit/ idontcare717

It is trying to overtake but the two cars in front of it are travelling neck and neck meaning it can’t find the space to move ahead. Meanwhile, the Porsche overtakes on the right shoulder.

The Lamborghini eventually finds an opening and overtakes in the right lane. However, given this footage is from the US ideally traffic should be overtaking from the left-hand lane.

Viewers infuriated by cars blocking overtaking lane

Viewers shared their frustration over the car blocking the overtaking lane.

“Welcome to Australia most of the drivers here do this,” one user wrote.

Another added their daily work commute usually involves similar traffic problems.

“I just sit back and die inside watching it,” they wrote.

Another wrote the video was hurting their brain but not everyone thought the car occupying the overtaking lane was at fault.

Some criticised the Lamborghini for tailgating.

“Yes the car in front made a bad decision but the Lambo took a bad situation and made it dangerous,” one viewer wrote.

Another added the Lamborghini driver “needs to have better restraint”.

“To me, it seems like the Lambo is doing more work to start an accident than the guy hogging the left lane,” they wrote.

Overtaking road laws in Australia

Overtaking laws have often led to confusion and debate in Australia too.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads posed a question to drivers last year about whether a car could occupy the middle lane on a three-lane road in a 100km/h zone.

The answer was yes, because cars in the right lane could overtake it although the question had readers scratching their heads.

The RACQ also exposed a few drivers who didn’t understand an overtaking rule on a two-way road with a broken white line.

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