Mystery after dashcam captures 'child' walking on dark highway

A driver said he felt "absolutely sick" when he drove past what he claims was a child walking across a four-lane highway in NSW - but even stranger than the sighting is the results of a subsequent police search, which found no trace of a child.

The dashcam footage was captured by Mitch Kuhne on Sunday night and shared to social media.

Mr Kuhne said what he saw on Sunday night "looked to be a child on the middle of the highway".

The footage shows the vehicle Mr Kuhne was in was travelling at 94km/h along the Hume Highway at around 7.40pm.

The mysterious figure seen on the road
The mysterious figure seen on the road "looked to be a child", the witness said. Source: Facebook/Mitch Kuhne

In the left hand lane, a figure is seen on the highway. It is hard to make out what it is in the video, though it does appear to be roughly the size of a small child.

Several people in the comments agreed the footage was "scary", and a few even suggested the strange figure could possibly be a ghost.

Mr Kuhne explained on Facebook he phoned police after driving past the mysterious figure.

"Instantly called 000 as we couldn’t stop as we had a huge toy hauler we were carrying and would have caused an accident," he wrote.

Mr Kuhne said he realised the dash cam footage could be of use to the police and once again called the local station, to which he claims he was told the child was safely collected from the highway.

But NSW Police have a different version of events, confirming to Yahoo News Australia they conducted a search of the area but found no trace of the child.

The discrepancy has left Mr Kuhne feeling "sick".

"Now to see that they are claiming I was never told this makes me sick as I have the exact time and station I called on record," he wrote online.

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