'Legit freaked out': Woman's sinister find under pantry of new home

A TikTok user has discovered her "worst nightmare" less than a week after moving into her new house.

TikTok user VTMegs and her husband signed a rental contract to move into an LA home after a single 20-minute viewing.

However before they could finish unpacking, the couple noticed something pretty odd about the home.

"Alright, so we just rented a new house and we have this pantry and we're wondering why the pantry door has got these locks, because it's literally just a closet,” she said in a video showing the pantry door locks from the outside.

A tiktok video of a woman finding a hidden basement in her home
The couple had just moved into their rented home when they realised the pantry locked from the outside.Source: TikTok/VTMegs

On closer inspection she noticed the floor of the pantry had a latch.

"I am legit freaked out by this because they did not mention a basement or anything in the listing, so I'm gonna open this,” she says in the clip before lifting the door.

She discovered a poorly lit staircase leading down to a hidden basement to which she responds: “nope, nope, nope” before shutting the door and backing out of the pantry.

From there, it got even creepier.

'I do not like it down here'

In a following TikTok video she shows several security cameras installed around the house before pouring herself a cocktail to muster up the courage to enter the secret basement.

After “almost falling” down the stairs the woman described the small space as “legit sketchy”.

"I do not like it down here, there's lots of dirt and cables and this is where the security cameras are hooked up,” she points out.

Thankfully she discovered the security cameras are not plugged in but that hasn’t stopped her followers from offering advice about how to secure the secret basement.

inside the secret basement
The woman said inside the basement was 'lots of dirt and cables'. Source: TikTok

“I would 100 per cent put a lock on the outside of that door too, maybe a bigger one!” One follower suggested.

“If it has a lock on the outside that means they were trying to make sure whatever is down there, stays down there… be careful,” another person added.

The woman assured her concerned followers that as creepy as the secret room may seem, she is happy living in the house.

“My landlord is super nice so I made the camera videos private. They are not there to spy on us,” she wrote.

And as for the basement?

“We legit love this house, creepy crawl space and all.”

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