'Be careful': Man's creepy find in air vent while staying at Airbnb

A man has warned others to "be careful" after making an unsettling discovery behind an air vent while staying in an Airbnb.

A TikTok user recently posted a video saying that while renting an apartment for the night, he suddenly heard noises coming from an air vent and felt like he was "being watched".

The next morning, he said he went over to the air vent, peeked inside, and found what appears to be a seperate room below.

"Y'all be careful out there," he wrote on the video, which has already been viewed over two million times.

A man found a whole other room behind an air vent in his Airbnb. Source: TikTok/hesobadass
A man found a whole other room behind an air vent in his Airbnb. Source: TikTok/hesobadass

In response to a comment on the video, the man said he didn't notice the vent until he went to bed.

"I didn't hear anything until the middle of the night," he said.

"I was asleep, it was dark, I thought I was hearing things until I looked the next morning."

He said the room seen through the vent wasn't in the apartment he was staying in and promised to provide more details about the experience in another video.

Suffice to say, viewers were creeped out by the discovery.

"You just gave me the creeps," one person commented.

"From now on I'm going to travel with a tent and sleep in the tent on top of the bed and do everything in that tent to be safe," another person said.

The man who filmed the video said the people he was renting the apartment from seemed “shocked” he was a male and not a female.

"The fact that you knew this was meant for females. It's so scary out there," a third person wrote.

Last week, a woman found a hole in her wall behind her bathroom mirror, which led to an entire empty apartment.

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