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Porsche driver praised for act in front of 'ignorant' Mercedes

A Porsche driver has been praised for stopping a Mercedes from overtaking traffic after an ambulance responding to an emergency passed by.

Dashcam video uploaded to Reddit shows the Porsche Carrera travelling past a petrol station in Russia on Monday in heavy traffic.

Sirens are heard blaring and the Porsche, along with other cars in front of it, pulls over to allow an ambulance to pass.

However, a Mercedes comes up right behind the emergency vehicle and looks to use the gap in traffic to pass.

A Porsche blocks a Mercedes trying to cut through traffic after an ambulance in Russia.
A Mercedes tries to pass traffic after an ambulance but a Porsche blocks it. Source: Reddit/ vanya13

But the Porsche driver isn’t having any of it and blocks the Mercedes.

Traffic begins to move forward again and the Mercedes clips the dashcam driver’s car before everyone comes to a standstill once more.

The Mercedes driver then steps out. It’s not clear what happened next as the video cuts out.

'Entitled' Mercedes driver criticised

Regardless, viewers on Reddit were full of praise for the Porsche driver who they believe may have potentially prevented an accident.

One Reddit user called what the Mercedes driver was doing “entitled” and “ignorant”.

“Praise be to this hero,” another wrote.

“I’m a paramedic and have had people piggyback on me too many times, I’ve even been rear ended by a guy with a four-day old Audi who was weaving through stopped traffic behind me.”

Some others suggested the Porsche driver may have just been trying to keep their spot in traffic.

Another wrote they “hate” when drivers use emergency vehicles to pass traffic.

“An emergency vehicle is not your excuse to try and pass me,” they wrote.

“I moved over for an oncoming ambulance last week and some moron in a Civic decided he was going to speed around me. He almost ended up in a head-on collision with the ambulance.”

Others theorised that the driver of the Mercedes might have known the person in the ambulance and was trying to follow them to hospital.

But even so, many added even if this was the case it’s not a legitimate reason to race after an ambulance.

In Johor, Malaysia, a driver was recently lambasted for blocking a fire engine responding to an emergency.

The dashcam video showed cars making space for the fire truck.

But a black car uses the opportunity to overtake traffic and blocks the fire truck in an act which had viewers’ blood boiling.

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