Why people are blaming the driver after a car was rear-ended at this roundabout

An Adelaide driver has sparked debate after he was rear-ended at a roundabout.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia, the man is seen driving into a roundabout at the corner of Seacomb and Morphett roads on Thursday.

As he enters the roundabout, traffic ahead appears to build up due to a convoy bringing a hearse through.

A car in front actually has to brake in the roundabout to allow the hearse through.

He comes to a stop as well but a Ford Falcon smashes into the back.

He calls the driver behind him a “f****** idiot” and then drives through the roundabout and pulls over.

A car enters a roundabout in Adelaide as the car in front of him stops for a hearse to pass through. He's then rear-ended by a Ford Falcon.
The car in front stops to allow a hearse through before a Ford Falcon rear-ends the owner of the dashcam. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

Debate rages over who is at fault

Some people believe the dashcam owner should shoulder some of the blame.

“Well you’re not supposed to stop once you have entered a roundabout,” one man wrote.

“And yes I meant for the car in front too.”

While you aren’t meant to stop in a roundabout it’s not exactly an offence in this case given Australian road rules require drivers to give way to vehicles already in the roundabout.

That technically includes the driver of the Falcon.

The dashcam owner also had a car stopped in front of him letting the funeral procession through.

“Laws or not I believe common decency and respect for the dead applies here,” one woman wrote.

“People are in too much of a rush to go places these days. Slow down a bit enjoy life because you'll be in that hearse soon enough.”

Is the funeral procession to blame?

Complicating this particular prang is the fact drivers are not meant to wilfully interrupt or disrupt the free passage of a funeral procession on the road. It’s a law in NSW but isn’t under South Australia’s road rules legislation.

However, in this case some people pointed out the funeral procession did not obey the road rules themselves and failed to give way to cars already in the roundabout.

“The cars in the funeral procession must still obey all traffic and road laws, including giving way at roundabouts – just as they must also stop at red lights and stop signs and give way at give way signs,” one woman wrote.

Others simply suggested the Falcon driver was at fault.

“Bet she was watching for traffic coming onto the roundabout and not keeping her eye on you,” one woman wrote.

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