Furious neighbour's elaborate response to 'irresponsible and lazy' act

The detailed sign describing someone who would leave dog poo behind was supported by most people online.

Dog poo etiquette is the subject of many a heated debate in Australia. Whether it is put in a resident's bin, left in a bag on the side of the road or left as is, ready for people to step in — there are often very strong opinions and heated discussions that follow.

A resident in Geelong has stepped things up a notch after dog poo was left out in the open on the nature strip in front of their home. The sign, laminated and attached to a wooden pole was put next to the dog poo, with an arrow pointing at it. "If you left this dog poo here, you are," it began.

"A lazy, antisocial pr**k in desperate need of a hard-core attitude realignment," it then reads next to the first dot point, before continuing with more.

The angry sign was put up right next to the dog poo left on the lawn. Right is a file picture of a dog doing its business. Source: Reddit
The angry sign was put up right next to the dog poo left on the lawn. Right is a file picture of a dog doing its business. Source: Reddit

"Irresponsible and lazy — your dog deserves much better. Give your dog up for re-homing. We’ll all be better off," the sign reads next. The next point claims the person is "breaking the law" as per local laws and that they should "report" themselves.

It's against the law for "a person in charge of any animal must not allow any part of the excrement of the animal to remain on any road or council land" in the city of Greater Geelong and pet owners "must carry a litter device suitable to clean up any excrement left by his or her animal."

For breaking this local law a person could be penalised up to 10 penalty units, which equates to $1,923.10.

Aussies overwhelmingly support the sign

A local resident who saw the sign ended up snapping a picture and sharing it online with a community group, asking if others thought it was a "fair" response or if the person had "too much time on their hands". Hundreds were overwhelmingly in support of the sign, even sharing stories of them going much further.

"My wife squeezed the poo left on our lawn through the old farts mail slot. It didn't happen after that," one said.

"I have a neighbour with a much more succinct sign, it just says in all caps — 'SHAME'. But it's all classy-like, a wood sign with the words burnt into it," a second claimed.

"It's a fair call, it's not hard to pick up your dog's s**t, if you own a dog you have to be responsible for it. No one likes standing in dog shit," a third added.

Dog poo debates rage on across the country

It's not the first time a pile of excrement has caused fury among locals, last month a heated debate took off after a man in Bondi went on social media to post a lengthy rant in an attempt to deter Eastern Suburbs residents from ditching their dog poo in his red-lidded bin. "Bondi Dog Owners - what is the matter with you?" he said.

Earlier in 2023, an angry neighbour went so far as to stick an image of a dog owner looking at their phone, while his dog did its business on their lawn, on a pole in front of their Melbourne home.

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