Resident catches dog owner red-handed in home security footage: 'No class'

A home security camera caught a dog walker in the act, but many people have no problem with what he did.

Australia has one of the highest dog ownership rates in the world so many of us are accustomed to long walks and regularly picking up piles of fresh pet poo. And it's no surprise that, although most of us dutifully pick it up, none of us relish carrying it around while the sun bakes it in its little doggy bag.

When a bin is spotted in the distance we eagerly dispose of it but an ethical dilemma emerges when it's a household bin, with residents often scathing to learn their bin has been used for a smelly deposit. This was the case on Monday when an Epping resident — situated in Sydney's northwest — caught a dog walker walking onto his driveway and popping the full doggy bag into his red bin.

Left, dog owner walks toward the bins on the Epping driveway. Right, dog owner was caught red-handed dropping dog bag into the bin.
The dog owner was caught red-handed using an Epping resident's bin to dispose of the full dog bag. Source: Facebook

"Security camera recorded this person with a black dog conveniently disposing dog poo into our household bin," the resident wrote online. "This is not the first time. Can the video evidence be used to identify and take actions against the person?"

To bin or not to bin

It's the question that many Aussies are divided over — should dog walkers dispose of dog poo in another person's bin? Some believe it is perfectly reasonable to use a bin for its intended purpose, and keep public spaces free from excrement yet many others get frustrated that their bin is being used to dispose of something unpleasant.

After the security camera footage from Epping was posted online the resident received a number of responses with the majority calling them out for being "petty" and "sad" for being enraged by the dog walker simply tidying up.

"Actually not a crime. Good guy bagging and disposing of it appropriately," one person wrote, with another shocked that it "wasn't allowed" and admitting they "do it all the time" while taking their dog a walk.

However, others blasted the dog walker for having "no class" and suggested the resident move, or even padlock his bins to stop it occurring in the future.

Last week another resident slammed local dog owners in Bondi after his recently emptied bin was littered with full dog bags.

"Our bin was only emptied last night and already it’s building up a collection of baggies. There’s even a steamer in the grass... get your shit together or I’m installing razor wire and an electric fence," he said.

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