Resident steaming over ‘out of control’ dog act: 'What's the matter with you?'

The Sydney man has reignited one of the most divisive debates in the country.

It's the ethical dilemma almost every dog owner in Australia has faced at one point or another.

You're out walking your furry friend, and then suddenly nature calls and you're forced to bend down and pick up a steaming hot pile of something you'd much rather not. If you're lucky, a public bin will be close by — but if not, what then?

Many Aussies choose to carry around their newly-obtained doggy handbag until such an amenity is in sight, but others will simply opt to ditch it in the closest bin at their disposal, often belonging to a household. Whether you're the one helping yourself to somebody else's kerbside bin, or an occupant of a home who is sick of being targeted by dog owners, it's a relatable issue that's long sparked heated debate.

A Bondi resident's bin that had been the target of dog poo dumpers.
A Bondi resident has unleashed online over what he said was Eastern Suburbs residents' consistent dumping of dog poo in his bins. Source: Facebook

Bondi man reignites age-old debate

One Bondi man reignited the discussion on Tuesday, taking to social media to post a lengthy rant in an attempt to deter Eastern Suburbs residents from ditching their dog poo in his red-lidded bin. "BONDI DOG OWNERS - what is the matter with you?" the frustrated local asked on the community Facebook page.

"Our bin was only emptied last night and already it’s building up a collection of baggies. There’s even a steamer in the grass ...Get your shit together or I’m installing razor wire and an electric fence," he said.

It's not the first time the resident posted to social media about the issue. The local recently wrote about what he described as "Bondi's biggest dog turd" being left on his neighbour's lawn. The droppings were so big in fact he theorised they were human.

What do you think?

"Personally I think it’s human but my neighbour, on whose lawn the offending item resides thinks it’s a Great Dane. Can the offender please clean up after themselves or their dog. It’s getting out of control on Beach Road," he said at the time.

"Waverley Council should start fining offenders."

Aussies appear to be bitterly divided

In response to today's post, people questioned what exactly the resident was taking issue with, the fact others didn't pick up the poop, or rather that they left it behind in his bin.

"Are you upset about people picking s**t up and putting it in a bin, or not picking the s**t up?" one man asked. "Better in the bin then left on the street, hey. It's a bin, get over it honestly," a woman wrote.

'Bondi's biggest dog poo' pictured on the ground beside a view of some kerbside bins.
A Bondi local said the vicinity of his home is frequently targeted by poo-dumpers. Source: Facebook

"Geez (sic) mate, you complain when people pick it up and when people don't. If you put your bin properly inside your property then it won't get those presents," another said.

Others agreed with his sentiment. "Gets my goolies BIG TIME — dog sh*t sits in bottom of my freshly- cleaned bin," a woman said. "Pongs it out forever. You own dog, deal with your own! Do not make others apart of your issue. Do to others as you would have done to you."

Sydneysiders feel strongly about the issue

It's an issue that has divided Australians for some time, and one that appears to frustrate Sydney residents in particular. A Sutherland Shire resident sparked debate in 2022, asking whether it's acceptable to dispose of canine excrement in someone else's bin.

In September last year, another Sydney local fired up about whether it was inappropriate to lean over a fence to dispose of dog droppings. One resident of the city's southwest even went as far as calling out their "local dog poo bandit" in a very unique way, using a hand-written note nailed to a tree.

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