Couple in lockdown rejoice over $2 million Lotto win

The last day of lockdown got slightly more bearable for a Victorian couple, after winning the division one prize in the TattsLotto draw on the weekend.

The couple from Kerang were one of five division one winning entries in draw number 4179 on Saturday, with each winner pocketing $2 million.

The couple touched base with an official from The Lott on Monday saying they checked their ticket on their account at around midnight on Saturday.

"Well, I certainly had a sleepless night after that," the man told the official.

“I couldn’t stop shaking! I was in complete disbelief. It’s crazy. My wife was fast asleep so I went and woke her up and she couldn’t believe it either.

“There were quite a few tears between the both of us once it started to sink in."

Pictured is a couple looking at their lottery ticket
A couple from Kerang in Victoria won $2 million over the weekend in the TattsLotto draw. Source: The Lott

The couple then tried to go to bed, but ended up staying awake and chatting about what they could do with the $2 million.

The next day, the couple told their family the good news and said they can't wait to celebrate in person.

Fortunately for the couple, regional Victoria will come out of lockdown early at 11.59pm on Monday, so hopefully they will be able to celebrate with their family soon.

The couple plans on putting their family first and said they would use their new fortune to help their kids out, then they would use the rest to enjoy their retirement.

"It will be great not having to worry about money! This will be the best time of our lives," the man said.

The couple also admitted to feeling particularly lucky right now, telling the official from The Lott they might be calling them again soon about another division one prize.

The winning numbers in the TattsLotto draw number 4179 were 28, 22, 11, 12, 5 and 36, and the supplementary numbers were 1 and 9.

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