'This is no joke': Concerned passer-by leaves alarming note on family car

A Queensland family has returned to their car to find an alarming note on the windscreen.

The family, who live in Slacks Creek in Logan, south of Brisbane, were at home on Sunday about 5pm when they found the handwritten message.

“Do not drive your car,” the note reads.

“There’s a snake underneath or in your motor. Call a snake catcher for your own sake!

“Please, this is no joke!”

Brisbane snake catcher Bryce Lockett told Yahoo News Australia it wasn’t a prank either.

Left: A note on a car warning the driver about a snake under the bonnet, and (right) a carpet python pictured in a car motor at Slacks Creek.
A family at Slacks Creek called in a snake catcher after being terrified by this note on their bonnet. A carpet python was hiding in the motor. Source: WildlifeQLD.com.au

Someone drove past and saw the snake slither under the bonnet.

“The family weren’t sure if the snake had left either,” Mr Lockett said.

“They didn’t want to open the bonnet either. They were terrified.

“They’re not fans of snakes.”

Mr Lockett said the snake under the bonnet was harmless though.

It was a carpet python about 1.6 metres long and has since been relocated.

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