Incredible pictures show greedy snake swallowing large lorrikeet

A Brisbane woman received a fright when she peered out her kitchen window to find a greedy snake gorging on a large rainbow lorrikeet.

At first the Cannon Hill resident thought the brown ball writhing around on her veranda was a towel that had somehow blown onto the roof of her home.

“But upon closer inspection it wasn’t a towel but a huge python consuming a large lorikeet instead,” Stewy from the Brisbane Snake Catchers told Yahoo News Australia.

The huge python gorges on this giant rainbow lorikeet on the veranda of a Cannon Hill home in Brisbane, Queensland.
The rainbow lorikeet didn't stand a chance against this huge python seen on the veranda of a Cannon Hill home in Brisbane. Source: Elite Snake Catching Services (Brisbane Snake Catchers) / Facebook.

“It then slithered back into the roof to rest a full belly,” he added.

The snake catcher shared pictures of the feast to the Elite Snake Catching Services (Brisbane Snake Catchers) Facebook page on Saturday, showing how the colourful bird had no chance against the massive predator.

“Check out this huge python having an afternoon snack on the veranda in Brisbane today,” he wrote, accompanying snake and parrot emojis.

Rainbow lorikeets can grow up to about 30cm, including the tail.

The encounter comes after a shocked Cairns couple looked up to find the ceiling flex and crack under the weight of two monster pythons in the throes of passion.

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