Children's terrifying find while brushing their teeth in bathroom

Two young Brisbane children have been left horrified after making a terrifying discovery in their bathroom lighting fixture.

The kids were brushing their teeth in the bathroom of their Graceville home on Saturday when they noticed a python hanging from the ceiling.

Brisbane snake catcher Bryce Lockett told Yahoo News Australia the find left the kids spooked.

“They caught sight of the snake in the bathroom mirror,” Mr Lockett said.

“They were both pretty terrified, but dad calmed them down.”

A coastal carpet python caught in a lighting fixture of a Graceville home. Source:
This snake gave two children a fright while they were brushing their teeth. Source:

The snake catcher said the removal of the serpent was fairly easy.

“I just used a step ladder,” he said.

“One in three houses has a snake in the roof and the reason this snake was up there was because of warmth.

“They also hide in roof cavities to eat mice and other vermin.”

Mr Lockett said the skylight snake was a coastal carpet python and was about 1.5m.

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